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Thanks to ever increasing semiconductor integration and creative engineering, more subsystems functionality can be squeezed into a single compact system than ever before. Military vehicles are taking advantage by combining modular systems. Some embedded subsystems can now support I/O expansion combined with network processing, Ethernet switching, and IP traffi c routing in a single box.. 

Merging Computing and Comms to Address Military Vehicle SWaP Requirements

whitepaperThe military has a strong directive when it comes to military electronics – reduce SWaP. Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) is a major driving force behind the development of modern computer equipment destined for the battlefi eld. Whether the computing device is worn by the soldier or mounted in a vehicle, the size, weight and power of the device is critical for determining its effectiveness for the warfighter.

Engineering Today’s Military Electronics to Meet Size, Weight and Power Demands

Cisco WhitepaperWith the government’s wide-spread adoption of Cisco products and its comprehensive feature set, military contractors are increasingly seeking Cisco-based rugged computing solutions for deployment in tactical military applications onboard land and air vehicles. However, although Cisco products contain superior networking capabilities, their original mechanical design is not always capable of enduring rugged military conditions. By adopting ruggedized Cisco switches and networking solutions, the government can provide a cost-effective method for implementing the latest networking technology that meets their stringent environmental compliance standards.

Ruggedizing Cisco Ethernet Switches for Tactical Military Networking Requirements


Product Catalog

Short-form catalog overview of Parvus Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) rugged subsystems and board-level products, including DuraMAR® Mobile IP Routers, DuraNET® Ethernet Switches, DuraCOR® Mission computers, and modular PC104+ SBCs. These products provide highly reliable Command, Control, Computing, and Communications (C4) capabilities for situational awareness and mobile data processing in Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) constrained military, aerospace, and homeland defense applications.

2014 Short Form Catalog V1

Case Studies

SeahawkLockheed Martin Systems Integration – Owego selected Parvus to design a ruggedized VME Ethernet switch cards for the Navy’s MH-60 R and MH-60S SEAHAWK helicopters. Parvus uses advanced ruggedization techniques to ensure the Ethernet switch cards can endure the SEAHAWK’s multiple missions.  

SEAHAWK Helicopters Take Flight with Parvus’ Rugged Switch Cards - COM 8000

MEADSLockheed Martin relies on the DuraNET 3825 from Parvus Corporation to provide network connectivity for the NATO MEADS program. The ruggedized Cisco router from Parvus was selected because it combines the powerful features available in Cisco IOS® software, Catalyst® Layer 2 LAN switching, and flexible Layer 3 WAN routing into a single ruggedized platform.

NATO Missile Defense Program Deploys Rugged Routers - DuraNET 3825

Boeing-1Parvus creates cockpit display systems for the P-8A Poseidon aircraft that can withstand any environmental challenge to meet the Navy’s stringent requirements. By combining the proven durability of Parvus’ DuraCOR mission computer with its legacy COTS Multi-Function Display, Parvus provides Boeing with rugged display systems that can meet future mission requirements.

Rugged Displays for Boeing P-8 Poseidon Maritime Mission Aircraft (MMA) - DuraVIS 4300 & DuraVIS 3006

AuroraParvus develops the Aurora Common Mission Computer for Aurora Flight Sciences that provides a robust computing solution, meets stringent military requirements, and withstands different environments encountered by various UAVs. By leveraging COTS technology, Parvus provided a computing platform to improve efficiency and sustain future growth.

Common Mission Computer for Aurora Flight Sciences' Unmanned Air Systems - DuraCOR 820



EFVParvus develops the Tactical Switch Router for the military’s Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle to support the Marine Corps’ net-centric operations initiatives. By combining the router and Ethernet switch in one unit, Parvus provided a rugged networking subsystem with enough capacity to meet future networking demands.

General Dynamics Tactical Switch Router (TSR) / DuraMAR 3230 on Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV) - DuraMAR 3230


HunterThe MQ-5B Hunter Unmanned Aerial Systems from Northrop Grumman relies on its payload interface units to monitor, control and communicate between its payloads. Due to its proven rugged design and performance, the DuraCOR® 810 mission computers from Parvus have been integrated into the Hunter to provide durable, reliable interface units for the Hunter UAS program.

Rugged Mission Computers Fly with Hunter UAS - DuraCOR-810

Datasheets & Manuals

Vehicle Mission Computers:
DuraCOR 80-40        Rugged Modular Core i7 Mission Computer with PCI Express Expansion and Dual GigE
DuraCOR 830           Small Form Factor Rugged Mission Computer Platform w/Intel Atom  
DuraCOR 810-Duo   MIL-COTS Rugged Vehicle Mission Computer Platform w/Core2Duo  
DuraCOR 810           MIL-STD-810 COTS Processor Platform with Mobile Pentium     
DuraCOR 820            Small Form-Factor Tactical Mission Computer with Mobile Pentium

Rugged Switches: 

DuraNET 3000        Ruggedized Cisco IE-3000 Ethernet Switch, IOS Managed - 10 / 18 / 26 Ports
DuraNET 30-2020   Rugged Cisco ESS-2020 L2 Ethernet Switch, 17x 10/100 + 2x GigE Ports
DuraNET 4948        Ruggedized Cisco 4948 Ethernet Switch, IOS Managed – 48+4 Ports
DuraNET 20-10       Rugged 20-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch, Fully Managed
DuraNET 1268        Rugged 10-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch, Lightly Managed
DuraNET 1059        Rugged 5-Port 10/100 Ethernet Switch, Unmanaged
DuraNET 10-10       IP67 Rugged Unmanaged 5-Port 10/100 Ethernet Switch, M12 / RJ-45

Rugged Routers:

DuraMAR 31-5915   IP67 Rugged Cisco 5915 Mobile IP Router, RJ-45 or M12 Connectors
DuraMAR 5915         MIL-STD Rugged Cisco 5915 Mobile IP Router Subsystem 

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