3/4 ATR PC/104 Enclosure Rugged Avionics/Military Chassis for ARINC 404A Mounting

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The MEC-2060 is designed to meet the demanding requirements of airborne, sea-going, land mobile applications. This light-weight 3/4 ATR enclosure features a rugged, conduction-cooled extruded aluminum chassis designed to fit Aviation Transport Racks (ATRs) commonly used in commercial and military aircraft applications.

Equipped with NEMA-rated end caps that accommodate steel J-hook and bushing mounting (for an ARINC 404A type vibration/shock tray), the aluminum enclosure enables PC/104 embedded systems to be implemented in ATR applications formerly limited to the costly VMEbus architecture. This allows high performance PC-compatible software and Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) PC/104 hardware to be used in a variety of aviation environments to reduce overall system cost and development time.

Its 0.15" thick extrusion has inner dimensions of 5.0" x 5.0" and standard lengths of 6.0", 8.0, 10.0" and 12.0" to accommodate up to 5, 8, 11, or 14 PC/104 cards mounted within a shock-mounted Railed Card Cage Card Cage. The 12.0" version conforms with the 3/4 ATR Short form factor. The removable ends measure 7.5" in width and have screw hole center at 6.75". Gaskets are also available in rubber or EMI shielded material to enhance the end caps' environmental protection against water and/or electromagnetic interference.

By leveraging Parvus' avionics enclosures, aerospace electronics packages can now take advantage of the small, rugged, PC/104 footprint and gain full PC/AT functionality for ARINC 404A applications. Parvus also offers Quarter-Turn Dzus Rail Mount Enclosures that adhere to military mounting specification MS25212. Semi-custom enclosures and end caps tailored to specific customer requirements (i.e. connector or LCD display holes) can also be accommodated.


Extrusions Available in Various Lengths

Dimenional Line Drawing - 12" Version Shown

Photo of Shock-Mounted PC/104 Modules in Card Cage

3/4 ATR Enclosure in ARINC404A Tray

J-Hooks on Front; Bushings on Rear for Dagger Pins

EMI Shielded or Rubber Gasket Sets Available

Example PC/104 Systems Using 3/4 ATR Enclosure
Fits Standard 3/4 ATR 5" Rack Opening (ARINC 404A Tray); Front endcap has hardened steel J-Hooks; Rear endcap accepts standard ATR dagger pins
Capacity Accepts Up to 10" Railed Card Cage (up to 14 PC/104 Cards)
Shock/Vibration Dampening Shock Mounting Can be Done Via Silastic Shock Rocks
Protection Provides NEMA 4X water-resisitant protection; Optional Rubber Gaskets or EMI Shielding Available
Extrusion Sizes 6061-T5-T6 Aluminum Extrusions 6", 8", 10", 12" Lengths
Card Cage Enclosures kits come with removable aluminum PC/104 railed card cage (eliminates need for standoffs/spacers)
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